Simple definitions of education are not as simple as one may think: ranging from theory and practice of teaching, to the basic delivery of information or training to others. And we wonder why education reform is the quagmire that it is.

Those of us involved with Trusting Education are fascinated by the current advancements in brain theory and in how they can help transform how we learn. And not just in the K-12 classroom environment. After all, for good brain health as we age, we need to constantly thirst for knowledge, which is a way of gaining education.

But why Trusting Education?

Brain science, and other behavioral sciences, agree that sustainable education requires a safe environment: an environment of trust. And for education of all levels to thrive and grow into this next century — regardless of the level of education — we need to relearn trust. Trust in our educators. Trust in our students. Trust in our selves.

Here at Trusting Education we offer resources — workshops and online informational tools — to help you begin, or continue on the path to trusting education.

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